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Credit, Budgeting and Money Management for Indivuduals Who Want to Reboot Their Finances.

Are you prepared to make 2018 your year of financial success, achieving freedom from the chains of BAD CREDIT, tired of wasting your MONEY and not being able to live life to the fulliest? Then you need to get SASSY with your CREDIT!

This 4 Week Course is for individuals who have to restart their financial lifestyle from zero.

Learn to find opportunities and see light even in the darkest hours, turning failures into stepping-stones towards success, believing in yourself, staying positive and taking intelligent steps that lead to prosperity.

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Sassy Credit Makeover is a premium course that aims towards individuals recovering from financial chaos and have to restart from ground up. This program will give you an in-depth knowledge of the credit and personal finance, provide you with the tools and resources to progress and thrive, and overcome all sorts of impediments as they come.

Using real life situations, you will discover common financial mistakes made and the optimum solution to each scenario. It will give you a comprehensive insight into what you should do under similar circumstances.


Listen you have to quit living paycheck to paycheck and wasting your money.  When you have BAD CREDIT and BAD FINANCES you make BAD DECISIONS.  You need this course NOW to transform your CREDIT!  Learn how to increase your credit score.  Give back to yourself and allow four weeks to get the blueprint to SASSY CREDIT.

This course gives you the confidence to get over the guilt and shame of bad credit.  It is time to get over the common financial mistakes that are made and learn the strategy to get quick results. This will give you a comprehensive insight into what you should do to improve your credit and finances.

Cash Building Strategies

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Concept Building with Co-Learning

Join the course that  will teach you the secrets to increase your credit score, develop habits to ensure you stay on the right track and get sizeable results, FAST!

As a former mortgage underwriter and accontant I know exactly what it takes to increase your credit score and get into your new home or start your business. You will receive hands-on knowledge along with the strategies and solutions to get results.

Finding the right path on your own when you know none will take time, waste many opportunities and at one point make you even more desperate for an escape. Why make it difficult for yourself when you can take the smart way, learn from an expert to get to your goal of a higher credit score fast.

Class Starts July 16 2018 at 7pM CST

Growing Success Stories

T. King

T. King

Single Parent

After a bad divorce settlement, my personal and financial life was in shambles. I was desperate and gradually becoming hopeless when my cousin referred me to Audawn and made me enroll in this course. Just 5 weeks into the course and I must admit, this course works like magic!
T. Wilson

T. Wilson


It just took me 6 months to lose everything, even my home was nearing foreclosure, and I felt helpless. I never imagined that life could be this difficult. On a recommendation, I gave it a last run and enrolled in this course. Two thumbs up! Audawn and her team know their stuff for sure. Thanks to Sassy Credit Makeover course, I now fully own 3 new homes and run a very successful business. Bravo Audawn!
J. Gaines

J. Gaines

Business Owner

My dream business was dying, and I didn’t know what was wrong. It was thriving for the past 3 years, and then it started losing money. After losing almost everything, even my house, I came across this course, and it changed my life and business forever. Very professional help. Highly recommended.
My goal is to help people understand the not much discussed realities behind credit and financial management and take control of their lives. And the best solution is to learn how to solve the problem, develop good habits, and learn to manage credit budgeting and money management in a smart manner.
Audawn Thomas

Credit Speaker, Mentor, Personal Finance Coach

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